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 Ecospectra (SM) Link Library

Ecospectra ServicesSM is a firm believer in the free flow of information and ideas, making constant and wide use of the resources that the World Wide Web (WWW) brings to the forum of ecology and natural resource management.  There are too many biologically based resources on the Internet to be able to maintain links to all of them from a single site.  Nevertheless, Ecospectra has chosen to publish the Ecospectra Link Library to the WWW in order to generate new and continued interest in the field of ecology and its related disciplines -- and to encourage interest in returning to this Web site. 

The Ecospectra Link Library contains links to sites that Ecospectra and its associates have requested to be included here because these sites have been found to be professionally useful, simply insightful, and often both.  If you have an ecologically- or biologically-based site that you would like to see linked by Ecospectra, or a new category you would like to see developed and published by the Ecospectra Link Library, you may submit it to Ecospectra Services.

The Link Library is organized into broad categories, which can be seen on the navigation bar to the left that contains the Table of Contents.  Categories and their associated links are respectively contained on individual category pages.  Occasionally, links are cross-listed between or among categories for the sake of accuracy.  The navigation bar containing the Table of Contents is present on each page of this site, and, regardless of which page you may be viewing at any given time, will always appear the same.  Therefore, any page within the Ecospectra Web site can be accessed from any other Ecospectra page by clicking on a category within the Table of Contents on the navigation bar.  Links within pages: (1) may be subcategorized on a page by page basis as needed, and (2) always reflect alphabetic arrangement.

The information provided in the Ecospectra Link Library was correct, to the best of Ecospectra's knowledge, at the time of this publication to the WWW.   All links contained in this library are verified often.  However, it is important to consider the dynamic nature of the Internet.  Resources that are free and publicly available one day may restrict access or require a fee the next, and the location of items may change as menus and homepages are reorganized.  Also, many of these links are to university Web servers, which are periodically off-line for maintenance purposes.  Therefore, try again later, if you are not immediately connected to the site of your choice.  If you have verified one of the links referred by this site to be broken, you may contact our webmaster, if you wish, who will gladly and promptly respond to your submission.

Comments, suggestions, and constructive criticisms regarding Ecospectra ServicesSM and its Web site are always welcome and strongly encouraged.  Thank you for your current visit.  New links, new categories, and new pages are added frequently.  Bookmark us and return.

Note: External Web sites linked by the Ecospectra Link Library are not endorsed by Ecospectra ServicesSM.

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