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Academy of Natural Sciences - Science and Research
American Society of International Law - Wildlife Interest Group - Bibliography: Climate Change and Its Impact on Biodiversity
André Tosello Foundation - Base De Dados Tropical (BDT)
Association for Biodiversity Information
Australia - Department of the Environment and Heritage - Environment Australia Online - Biolink Australia
Australia - Department of the Environment and Heritage - Environment Australia Online (home page)
Bishop Museum - Hawaii Biological Survey
British Columbia - Resources Inventory Committee - Terrestrial Ecosystems - Biodiversity
Connecticut Dept. of Environmental Protection - Environmental & Geographic Information Center - Natural Diversity Database
Cornell University - Biodiversity and Biological Collections Web Server
Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
Envirolink - World Species List - Animals Plants Microbes
International Network of Natural Heritage Programs and Conservation Data Centres - Association for Biodiversity Information
International Biodiversity Observation Year
Internet Biodiversity Service
IUCN - World Conservation Union - Biodiversity Policy Co-ordination Division
National Biological Information Infrastructure - Invasivespecies.gov: the Nation's Invasive Species Information System
Natural Heritage Network - Arkansas Heritage Program
Natural Heritage Network - Biodiversity Related Web Sites
NatureServe - An Online Encyclopedia of Life
Nevada Biodiversity Initiative
NWO, University of Amsterdam, and UNESCO - Expert Center for Taxonomic Identificatio (ETI)
Pacific Biodiversity Institute
Southwest Center for Biological Diversity
State of Oklahoma - Oklahoma Biological Survey
Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow, and Landscape Research - Modeling potential faunistic biodiversity
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville - CAST - AR-GAP - Identifying Biological Diversity in Arkansas
University of California, Berkeley - Museum of Paleontology (UCMP) - UCMP Subway
University of Michigan - Animal Diversity Web
USDA Forest Service - National Resource Inventory System
USDI - USGS - BRD - National Gap Analysis Program (GAP)
USDI - USGS - BRD - GAP - Texas Gap Analysis (TX-GAP)
USDI - USGS - NBII - Biodiversity, Systematics, and Collections
Wildscreen Trust - ARKive
World Conservation Monitoring Centre - Threatened Animals of the World
World Resources Institute - Biodiversity

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