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Albert Kersten GeoCentre Links Page
American Geological Institute - AGIWEB
Commonwealth of Massachusetts - Executive Office of Environmental Affairs
Cornell University - Geology Resources on the Internet via ICEl
Geological Society of America - Geological Index
Hydrogeologist's Home Page
On-line Resources for Earth Scientists (ORES)
Queen's University - Department of Geological Sciences - Miller Museum of Geology
Smithsonian Institution - National Museum of Natural History - Department of Mineral Sciences
State of Alabama - Geological Survey of Alabama
State of Alaska - Alaska Department of Natural Resources - Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys
State of Arizona - Arizona Geological Survey
State of Arkansas - Arkansas Geological Commission
State of California - Division of Conservation - Division of Mines and Geology
State of Colorado - Colorado Geological Survey
State of Connecticut - Conn. Dept. of Env. Protection - Env. & Geog. Information Center - Conn. Geological & Natural History Survey
State of Delaware - University of Delaware - Delaware Geological Survey
State of Florida - Florida Department of Environmental Protection - Florida Geological Survey
State of Georgia - Georgia Department of Natural Resources - Geologic Survey Branch
State of Hawai'i - Department of Land and Natural Resources
State of Idaho - University of Idaho - Idaho Geological Survey
State of Illinois - Illinois Department of Natural Resources - Illinois State Geological Survey
State of Indiana - Indiana University - Indiana Geological Survey
State of Iowa - Iowa Department of Natural Resources - Energy and Geological Resources Division - Geological Survey Bureau
State of Kansas - University of Kansas - Kansas Geological Bureau
State of Kentucky - University of Kentucky - Kentucky Geological Survey
State of Louisiana - Louisiana State University - Louisiana Geological Survey
State of Maine - Maine Department of Conservation - Natural Resources Information and Mapping Center - Maine Geological Survey
State of Maryland - Department of Natural Resources - Maryland Geological Survey
State of Michigan - Department of Environmental Quality - Geological Survey Division
State of Minnesota - University of Minnesota - Minnesota Geological Survey
State of Mississippi - Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality - Office of Geology
State of Montana - Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology
State of Nebraska - Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln - Inst. of Agriculture & Natural Res. - Conservation & Survey Div. - Geology Program
State of Nevada - University of Nevada - Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
State of New Mexico - New Mexico Tech University - New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources
State of New York - New York State Education Department - New York State Museum - New York State Geological Survey
State of North Carolina - Division of Land Resources - North Carolina Geological Survey
State of North Dakota - North Dakota Geological Survey
State of Ohio - Ohio Department of Natural Resources - Division of Geological Survey
State of Oklahoma - Oklahoma Geological Survey
State of Oregon - Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries
State of Pennsylvania - Department of Conservation and Natural Resources - Pennsylvania Topographic and Geologic Survey
State of Rhode Island - Rhode Island Geological Survey
State of South Carolina - South Carolina Department of Natural Resources - South Carolina Geological Survey
State of South Dakota (SD) - SD Dept. of Environment & Natural Res. - Div. of Technical & Financial Assistance - SD Geological Survey
State of Tennessee - Department of Environment and Conservation - Division of Geology
State of Texas - University of Texas, Austin - Bureau of Economic Geology
State of Utah - Department of Natural Resources - Utah Geological Survey
State of Vermont - Dept. of Environmental Conservation - Div. of Geology and Mineral Resources - Vermont Geological Survey
State of Washington - Washington Department of Natural Resources - Division of Geology and Earth Resources
State of West Virginia - West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey
State of Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin-Extension - Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey
State of Wyoming - Wyoming State Geological Survey
University of California, Berkeley - Museum of Paleontology (UCMP) - Geology
USDI - U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

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